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I started writing a diary entry and it turned into a text about all my plans to save the planet

And then there are the days where you just don’t want to write at all. I can’t think of a topic, and I don’t feel inspired to think of one either. I don’t want to. And yet, I figured, I could just go for some sort of diary entry. A little update.

The last days I’ve spent a lot of time, designing new T-Shirts. Alice and Psi. Both psychedelic plant motives. And I can’t wait to have them printed for myself!

The thing I like so much about designing T-Shirts, these days, is that I don’t only make things I think look cool. They also serve the purpose of spreading the message of Biophilia. And even more, I’m creating designs that make the observer do something. In the case of Alice and Psi, the design actually moves, due to an optical illusion. which doesn’t only look cool, but it makes the observer explore the motive and get amazed over how their brain creates movement where there is none.

I really hope these new T-Shirts will sell well. Firstly, I need to make some money, in order to justify, putting my time into these designs. But it’s also a big wish of mine to just make people interact and learn with about nature more. I believe, if people learn about nature and their place in it, they will automatically care more about protecting the environment. And every single person, wearing one of these T-Shirts will spread the message a little more.

Also, I think, once people wear them in the presence of their friends, they could really sell themselves. Because of the reasons, I mentioned above: They are not just pretty and have a cool message, they also make you marvel at the capabilities of your own mind. Who doesn’t want other people to stare at their clothes in wonder and amazement?

There are some things, I want to change over time, to shape this business by my life-themes and -priorities. These are no promise to any audience. I’m not trying to advertise here. I already decided to not use these things for marketing for now. Simply because I want to stay adaptable. But here is where I want to bring this T-Shirt business in this moment in time:

  1. As soon as a T-Shirt sells often enough to finance it, I will have it produced in bigger quantities. This way I can go with more environmentally friendly printing methods. Also, currently, the shirts are being delivered in a thin plastic bag. I’d love to be able to replace that with a biodegradable bag. This will only be possible if I produce in bigger quantities, though. Same, when it comes to delivery. I want it to be CO2 neutral. It’s not like, the current production and delivery is so environmentally unfriendly. It’s quite standard. But I want to bring this business to a point where it’s not just CO2 neutral, but where it goes beyond that: Nature Positive. Which brings me to:
  2. As soon as I earn a certain amount of money per month, I want to invest a big chunk of it into sustainable reforestation of the rainforests. My current idea is, to let my income grow to 500€ OR 1000€ per month. Everything that goes beyond that, will be invested into reforestation. Up to the point where I reach the next financial level. These levels and investments I will make public. So, for example: I take everything up to a 1000€ profit for myself (I have to sustain my designing time as well. You also get paid for your job. I’m done feeling guilty over this). Once it goes above 1000€, everything up until 2000€ will be invested into the rainforest. Once I reach 2000€, I take those for myself and everything above that will go into rainforests until it reaches 5000€ per month. Then I take those and feed into the rainforests until it the monthly income reaches 10.000€. And so on. This way I can justify growing my own income and still invest into nature with every growth, my business experiences.

Honestly, I would love to reach the point where I can do all of that. So far I haven’t made a single sale. But I have to consider, that

  1. I only just started.
  2. My main marketing strategies I haven’t started yet. I didn’t advertise, but the next (the biggest stage so far) stage I will start soon.
  3. We are in the middle of not only a health crisis, but also of an economical crisis. I’m pretty sure that keeps people from buying T-Shirts as well.

Anyway. Funny, how I wanted to write about my past days and, instead went on to write about all my ideas and plans. Cool. Maybe somebody actually sees this and gets inspired. Maybe I’ll edit this text a little and make it a permanent blog entry. Let’s see.

Oh, and one more thing: I made one more design. But I decided not to publish it. Why? Because it went against my themes. Actually against my 2020 main theme: Inspiration over Fear. The design shows, how the Arctic Ice has decreased over the past years. It’s a good design. But all it does, is spread fear.

I want to spread an inspiring message. A message that makes people want to act because they don’t even want to do anything else. The melting ice contrasts way too much with the consumerist wants of people. The wants are bigger. That’s why all that fear-spreading hasn’t worked all that well so far.

Instead, I want to inspire people to interact with their environment. I want them to learn so much about how amazing nature is, they don’t see any other way but protect it.

This is how it all started for me. And I can tell you, it feels much better than starting with what we need to protect by means, nobody actually wants to act on. How many of the environmental activists took flights for their holidays last year? We shouldn’t be made bad about flying. We should get inspired to work on ways to make flying and travelling more environmentally friendly. And this is my approach to things.

By all means, block the streets for nature. But use the time there, to invite people to work on solutions with you. There’s no louder way of shouting and banging drums.

Okay. Now I’m done with my rant.

If you want to support my way of doing things and if you want to spread a good message by wearing cool T-Shirts, I’d appreciate it a lot if you would check out and share – and yes, maybe even buy – my Biophilic T-Shirts.

Thank you!

OH! And let’s become Penpals! What do you think about my ideas and plans? Let me know by sending me an email:

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