Human race wastes about 300.000 TONS of plastic every DAY.The Zero Waste movement wants to change that.

wasting Zero Plastic

In 2017 my boyfriend and I will start an experiment.
I’ve followed the Zero Waste movement for a couple of years now and I’ve finally come to be brave enough to try and live without plastic for at least one year.

We are living in a time where you cannot go to the supermarket without buying plastic, even for the most absurd products. Seriously, next time you go shopping, look very consciously, how much plastic you have in your trolly at the end. Just packaging. Knowing what effect it has on us and our planet, this view can get very devastating.

Now, in the last months of 2016, finding out about my multipotentiality and founding this blog, I’ve come more and more to the conclusion, that I have lost my path while trying to make a living.

I used to care a lot about human and nature’s rights. And while I was busy calming my bad conscious by sharing shit on Facebook like most people do, I managed to forget that I wanted to be somebody who makes an actual difference in this world before I die.

While I think human rights are super important, personally I feel like they become irrelevant if we make our planet inhabitable for humans and many other species. Therefore, environmentalism is higher in my priorities.

Human-caused global warming or not: We do produce more waste than we can handle and we do use up our resources without thinking about when we will run out of them. Let alone what an impact it has on our planet and ultimately on the well being of the human race.

Animals, going extinct, ever-growing landfills, climate change, human health problems, the destruction of nature’s beauty, which you can find right in front of your door.

The human race produced approximately 300.000 TONS of plastic waste every DAY in 2016. In the 50ies it was 14.000 tons a day. We increased our plastic waste by 2.000% within the last 66 years!

The Zero Waste movement wants to change that.

I do want to make bigger steps in the future. Possibly create businesses which make a difference and are profitable at the same time.

But for starters I will refuse to continue the plastic craze that rules us.

From the beginning of 2017, I will not be using plastic anymore. My and my boyfriend’s plastic trash of the entire year will have to fit into one jar.

I’m freaking afraid of this, because I’m sure it won’t be easy. Especially in the beginning. My boyfriend and I live in a camper van the majority of the year and so far that was an excuse. We’ll now start in our Winter flat and see how things develop. In the van I intend to continue it.

Some things I haven’t figured out yet. Where to get toilet paper, that’s not wrapped in plastic? Is there even a way to get engine oil for the van that’s not in a plastic bottle? How will I dye my hair in the future? Will I dye my hair at all?

So many questions. And I will answer them for you on this blog, so you don’t have to find out yourself. If you want to take on this challenge too, that is. The movement is growing and I intend to make a bigger difference than only losing our plastic waste. If I only manage to inspire one person to be more aware of what they buy and throw away, I will already have succeeded.

Below you will soon find a list of all the experiences we will make with our new lifestyle choice.

Let’s start this!

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