Welcome to Vienna! The city where I spent most of my child- and adulthood so far. This place and I have a really weird relationship, and yet, ...

About Wings S1E2: Home is Where you Park it

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Welcome to Vienna! The city where I spent most of my child- and adulthood so far. This place and I have a really weird relationship, and yet, I wanted to come back before I would leave, to say good bye to the people that mean the world to me and get used to the van life.


S1E2 - HeaderThey say, home is where your heart is. This is very true, and as I am about to change this saying to ‘home is where you park it’, I feel the huge urge to get together all of my friends to say good bye properly and to celebrate the start of this new part of my life.

PartyI decided to throw a party at one of my favourite locations in Vienna: The WerkzeugH. They also spontaneously decided to sponsor this episode of About Wings, which im really grateful for. I just want to clarify that I would have thrown the party there either way. Last summer, I’ve basically lived here 😉

Here, I had the great opportunity to park Hermes right in between the sofas and tables that are spread all over the little court in front of the actual café/bar/restaurant. This way, my friends finally got to have a closer look at him and – thanks to a spontaneous idea spark of mine – even got to draw on him.

Party HermesIn this episode, you will also meet my closest friends and people, I count to my family. They’ve been by my side for years, in light and in dark times. They mean the world to me and – to be perfectly honest – as I’m writing this, I have to fight tears. I miss them a lot (I’m actually in Spain already).

Vienna gave me the chance to take baby steps into actually living in my van full time. Every now and then, I could sleep at friends places and take a shower. But most of the time, I actually lived in Hermes.

This brought beautiful moments but also uncovered the more ugly sides of vandwelling. Some of them, I cover in this episode of About Wings.


VanlifeOne part of my time in Vienna, that I would rather not show you, is the direct result of constant money problems. A little nervous break down, with hones confessions about my financial status in front of the camera. But I also found solutions for these problems.

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Hermes in CityAnd then, the first signs of this, being an adventure, showed up. Hermes almost got damaged by an Orcan (a Hurricane) that stroke Vienna. And I was right in the middle! Don’t miss this!

It was a great start for the adventure. And after all the financial struggle and a first, windy scare, I finally started going South!




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Music, used in this episode:
‘Blow up in the Air’ by Tachikawa Ryousuke
‘Gilde Path’ by Tachikawa Ryousuke
‘Reminiscing’ by Manu Shrivastava
‘Indie: Hopeful’ by Paul Tyan
‘Folk: Uplifting: Happy’ by Paul Tyan
‘Electronic: Nostalgic’ by Paul Tyan
‘Piano: Dramatic’ by Paul Tyan
‘Asturias’ by Isaac Albéniz, played by Frank Hiemenz
‘You (Piano Version)’ by Myuu

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