I wish I could give you the euphoria, one would expect at the beginning of a vojage like this. But leaving Austria seemed increasingly harder every day...

About Wings S1E3: Don’t watch this, Mum!

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I wish I could give you the euphoria, one would expect at the beginning of a vojage like this. But leaving Austria seemed increasingly harder every day.


0 - ThumbnailAs a matter of fact, I found myself making up excuses why I couldn’t leave yet, when I stayed a few more days at my mum’s place. Finally I pushed myself, though. I couldn’t stay in Austria for ever. It was getting cold, after all. Also, I had made a commitment by starting the About Wings video series. And deep inside, I knew it would do me really good to get going.


Driving down to Venice, I was surrounded by a rainy night. Mith every kilometer I got increasingly more scared. What was I really leaving behind?


When I arrived in Mestre – the closest town to Venice – I realised how hard it would be to find a parking spot. In the city you had to pay for all of them and so I drove in circles for ages.


10809461_939226499439262_842240461_nI finally found a further part of the city, that hat a lot of free parking opportunities. But I didn’t feel to save there. Furthermore I felt the urge to call home. And so I drove and ran in cirles for hours until I finally found a WiFi signal, I could use. I ended up parking in a place that didn’t feel too save. The next day I should realise that the night and the rain made a place look much more unsave than it actually was.


Even though, I was thinking about skipping Venice and getting as far away from Austria and the people, I already missed, I made my way into the city of canals the next day. I got lucky with the weather. It was a bright and warm day.


I loved Venice and I slowly started opening up a little.


10802620_1524968647746040_1478619985_nWhen I continued my journey to Genoa, I should find myself in a rather unpleasant situation. I had forgotten about possible geographical hurdals on my way and now I had to pay for it. A very dangerous drive that would find it’s end in Genova at 2am.


Genoa didn’t make it easy on me either, when it comes to parking. I got quite overwhelmed be the size of the city, when I arrived in the middle of the night, driving along huge streets that tended to confuse me a lot.


But in the end I found one of the nicest parking spots I ever stayed at.


10809902_390935927739456_1903260214_nThe next day I checked out Genova. Despite the rain of the day before, I was lucky again. A sunny day to explore. All the recurring frustrations from last night vanished again, when I took a walk along the harbour, where I found a very special place, that did a big part in changing my mindset about my journey.


The next day I was a bit upset to leave behind the beautifully privat parking lot I had found, but it was time to continue to France along the coast. One more adventure would await me on the way.

But if you want to know more about that, you’ll have to watch the full episode after all!


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Music, used in this episode:

If Only‘ by Steven O’Brien
‘Stairway to Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin, played by band in Venice
Indie: Nostalgic‘ by Paul Tyan
Epic Theme No. 1‘ by Steven O’Brien
Indie: Hopeful‘ by Paul Tyan
Prelude No. 6 in B minor‘ by Steven O’Brien
Feel Better‘ by The Orange Rocket

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