You have 'too' many interests?
Specialising seems like something you should but can't do?
You feel like you don't fit anywhere?
Well, guess what.

Life Coaching Multipotentialites

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You are of a very special breed. And whether you know it already or not: You have the potential to be outstanding.

I’m Robin and I was where you are now. Torn between interests. Easily excited by new concepts and ideas. And desperately trying to find my niche, my expertise, my one true calling. Why? Because that’s how people do it, right? You family expects it from you and your friends roll their eyes in amazement when they listen to your newest explorations.

I want to thank Robin for the coaching session which we had yesterday. It was very uplifting. I have been feeling quite stuck lately and during the session Robin gave me some useful exercises which helped me to see my life more clearly and evaluate my priorities. He also shared with me some valuable insights and gave some tasks and it helped me to move from a corner I had painted myself into. It was my first coaching session ever and I am more than happy with the result.

We have many names: Renaissance Soul, Polymath, ENFP & INFP, Multipotentialite or Multipassionate.
Some of our most well known comrades were Leonardo Da Vinci, Cleopatra, Benjamin Franklin, Eleanor Roosevelt, René Descartes, Elizabeth I, Isac Newton, Aristotle, Hildegard of Bingen and Thomas Jefferson.
To name but a few.

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Today I have embraced my multipotentiality. I act on the second-biggest opera stage in Vienna, Austria, I paint and I travel in a camper van full time whenever possible. Furthermore I write books, do graphic design, I sing, and every now and then I’m coming back to my childhood love, film making.
Also to name but a few.

More importantly for you: I have turned my knowledge about human behaviour and my interest for psychology, gained from an unsatisfying career in Marketing (basically manipulating people into doing what they don’t want to do) into a quest to help people just like you and me: Life Coaching (helping people find ways to do what they want to do).

What’s Life Coaching? A psychologist treats you when things got so much out of hand you need to repair your mind. A Life Coach is on a long term quest to prevent you from even getting to that point. Together we do foundational work to get you into a position of options and knowing how to navigate them, but also explore everyday issues, relationship troubles, career choices, self-confidence, your health and education.

I had the honor of a complimentary coaching session with Robin yesterday and I am still feeling thrilled by the experience! I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but Robin immediately took the lead and took me on a very productive journey that teased out some of the best attributes of my personality. In just 100 minutes we were able to cover some serious ground, it was so nice to be able to bounce ideas off someone I can't help but to describe as a kindred spirit from across the globe. I am just beginning my exploration into the world of life coaching, but Robin has surely done an excellent job proving it's potential for efficacy and peaked my interest to find out more! Thank you so much, Robin!

But enough talk about me! Are you ready to turn things around and explore and embrace who you really are?

Whether you only just found out that you are not alone, or if you have lived a multipassionate life for some time and are running into issues in daily life: Guidance is right at your hand.

Your first 100min are completely free and without any strings attached. Get an appointment now and see what’s possible within only 100min of your time. I’m looking forward to chatting with you!

I got to have a great session with Robin on Friday and found him to be focused, committed, knowledgeable, and helpful. He brings valuable expertise from a previous occupation to this one so he can serve clients from a solid background at once unique and relevant for this work. He was friendly and versatile and prepared and FUN! He's quite intuitive by nature and great at pointing out supportive connections. He gave me excellent, new ideas to try that I hadn't thought of before. And those opened doors for even more new approaches. We made great progress and I have a simple and doable start for implementing some of the ideas he inspired. He's smooth and genuine in his manner. And he makes it all look easy!

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