Graphic design and photo manipulation have been a constant in my chaotic set of interests since I was 15.

Graphic Designer

What started as a way to express myself with paranormal looking photos, slowly evolved into a big knowledge about logo and printables design as well as graphics for the internet.

Over the years I’ve also gone more into illustration, which led me to create my own little T-Shirt line, RDC Fashion.

At some point I started taking clients as well. What started as a few graphic design jobs has now evolved into Raindropcatcher, my company which which I do graphic and web design for clients.

Although I do like working for my clients I would like to take more time to work on my own creative pictures again, as I’ve noticed those fading due to need to earn money.

Here you will find a collection of my future projects, as soon as I get them going.

Until then you can enjoy a few of my old images here.

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