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Robin.is the name and despite the icelandic domain I do not live in Iceland. Never been there in fact. I live in a country significantly smaller and harder to find on a map... Luxembourg. But robin.lu was already taken and I was looking for a short appropriate domain name for my site. Robin.is still available in 2022 - not anymore! I can now do cool things with the "is" ending as in the previous sentence. 😎

Amongst other things this site contains content on accessibility on the web, travel, the occasional thought on the things happening right now and a photo from time to time. You can also see what I am currently reading.

You can also find a portfolio of websites I helped create over the years. It's been a while since I did that. Most were produced whilst working for Minervation - still my favourite job, although I stopped working there years ago.

Also here are some of my comments dotted around the web: Me on the web

About this site

This site is hand coded using plain old HTML and CSS. The text is written using markdown and generated using eleventy.

This site can also be subscribed to through the RSS feed containing my most recent posts.

For those who are interested, I have also written a more detailed history of this site.

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