About Me


Robin.is my name and this is my little corner of the web, where I have been posting content since the late 90s. 😎

This site contains content on web accessibility, travel, an occasional thought of mine, some photos, the books I've read and what I am currently up to.

An aeronautical engineer by education, back in 1998 I started building web sites to train European astronauts on the tools they would need to use on the International Space Station. In fact they were web apps, but no one called them that back then!

I then moved on to building web based investment banking software, before developing an in house content management system that was used to build the portfolio of websites I helped create over the years whilst working for Minervation.

I stopped working there years ago, so it's been a while since I've built websites for clients. I now work as a policy officer in a large multinational organisation, with my work focussing on keeping kids safe online, but also making sure it is accessible.

More for my own reference, here are some of my comments dotted around the web: Me on the web

Finally, here is some information about my website.