What am I working on right now?
Here I'll let you know.

My current foci:
Coaching, Acting, Book Writing and Painting.

I will update this page frequently.


This is not meant to be a long post or page. I’ll just let you know my current foki and fields of interests. If you want to know more about what I’ve done in the past and what other skills I have learned over the years, hop over to robin.is!

Life Coaching Multipotentialites

I have a life coach myself. Talking with him, I realised more and more, that this would be a very pleasing way of making a difference in the world while still creating an income. I put the idea somewhere into the back of my head, though, for who am I to tell people how to live their lives?

Months later I get a random message from a friend, sending me a link to a life coaching webinar. She tells me I would be perfect for this occupation. And ever since I’ve heard the same thing from many other people. Also, I am finishing my education as NLP practitioner and have had my head in psychology for years, not only due to the dreaded marketing job.

And so I jumped right in, went through relevant literature, learned a lot and offered free sessions to people with many passions, who struggle through a world that expects them to specialise. And who would have known, but I’m receiving mind blowing feedback and don’t really know what to do with all the happy energy it brings up inside of me!

If you want to know more or even make an appointment, you can do so here.

Acting at Volksoper Wien

In red on the very left is me at the premiere of ‘Gasparone’.

In Spring 2018 I started my little side endeavour of acting as an extra at the second largest opera stage in Vienna. I was lucky enough to start out with a play that involved a lot of acting.

After years of saying to myself “Who am I to go to a casting for being an actor at a big stage?” I found myself in a lovely environment with exciting people and did something I really enjoyed. Getting paid for it felt really weird in the beginning.

You can currently see me on stage in ‘Coppelia’, ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Das Gespenst von Canterville’ at Volksoper Wien.

Writing books related to lifestyle and self development

This works rather well in tandem with my newly found passion for coaching, but it has actually started much earlier.

I just published my book¬†‘Chaos Routine – Maintain Habits into an Unpredictable Schedule’.

Further more I’m already writing the dirst draft of my next book, which has the working title ‘Better than Goals’.

I’m also writing shorter essays for the Amazon Kindle.

I’m very excited about either of those two and really hope to make a difference in reader’s lives with them.

Practicing my Painting and Drawing Skills

I am planning to sell my paintings at some point. Though the financials should only be a side effect of refining my skills and learning to let go of my creations.

So far I don’t sell. But I will announce it here, once the time has come.

The Rest

I recently became one of the ‘Founding Fathers’ of M√§nnersache, Vienna’s Gay Men’s Chorus.

I’m still into Graphic Design, Web Design, Singing, Film Making, Game Design and so on and so forth. I just don’t have my focus on those right now. They serve me well every time I need to present a new project of some sort, or just get crazy creative with them, but in general, I mostly play with the topics above right now.

2018 has been truly transformative so far and I have a strong feeling it will continue to be. I have finally returned my focus from outside issues to my inside issues and it has made all the difference.
Also, I’m reading like crazy, which turns into a lot of new neural connections in my brain and many things just make much more sense now.

I’m so very grateful for all the good in my life and the crazy directions my multipotentiality is dragging me. Life is great. Goals will only break your heart. There is no final destination before death. And without according thoughts there are no problems.

Enjoy life!

PS.: I’m serious, if you would like to try a coaching session, hop over here.

My Themes

My themes are what I use to navigate through all the options in the chaos of life without having goals:

  • I am as much in symbiosis with nature as I can.
  • I am as present as possible.
  • I am – physically and mentally – as flexible as possible: in location, time, finances and socially.
  • I am courageous. I face fear and uncertainty head-on.
  • I avoid work and embrace play.
  • Also open to receive, I benefit – and avoid hurting – others.
  • Change and randomness are my friends.
  • I work the cause, not the symptoms.
  • The world is neutral. Only my thoughts define my perception of it.

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