Homepage of MinervationMinervation, the company I work for, re-designed their website in 2006 and started using their own CMS to manage it. We are still using this design and CMS today. There's not much more to add really.

What I particularly liked about this redesign is the new logo our designer came up with and the reasoning he gave for this design. His explanation was that he played around with concept of the Minervation shining a light on the evidence for claims about "things". So he had the idea of torch seeking out high quality information in the darkness of the all rubbish posted on the internet. He then combined this torch idea with the "M" of Minervation and what you have at the end is an M on it's side looking like a torch shining light in the sense of a search light. At least that's what I remember from his explanation.

(Re)launch date: 30th July 2006