City of PlovdivI've moved over a couple of very old posts on Bulgaria from my old site to this blog as part of my task to centralise all my web content. These posts were written during my first visit to Bulgaria: a one year failed attempt to make it my home in 2003.

The first post is a general post I wrote about Bulgaria's geography and history. Most of it is probably still correct. Read more in my overview of Bulgaria.

The second post gives my impressions of Bulgaria at the time. Almost nine years later I would say the general gist of things is the same, except that the worse has become a lot better and the good a little worse. For example the administration has improved a lot and is now actually positively friendly. On the other hand some of things that were good about Bulgaria, the things which made Bulgaria quite different from other countries in Europe, have lost their shine. Food, especially, has deterioated. Their cheeses, tomatoes, cucumbers and so on, which used to be lovely, fresh and incredibly cheap are now no nicer than elsewhere in Europe, and their price is not much different either! This, I suppose, is progress in the name of globalisation. I promise to write a new article on my impressions of Bulgaria sometime soon, in the meantime you can read more about what I thought then in my post from 2004 on my impressions of Bulgaria.

I've also added a third post now, which contains a suggestion for a tour around Bulgaria. It's here: Tour of Bulgaria.