Flickr Uploadr

I recently installed the Flickr Uploadr app to auto upload my photos from my Galaxy S2 to Flickr. Now that Flickr has 1TB of storage for free it makes it good for use as a backup tool.

However the official Flickr app was missing a couple of features which I really needed, most notably:

  • Auto upload of photos
  • Upload photos in the order they were taken

The second point is a particularly annoying point in the official app. It never seems to upload the photos sothe most recent one is the latest in the photostream. Surely that's not right? My photostream should show the pictures in the order they were taken - at least that's how I see it.

But the app has other great features, such as being able to define the default upload Set on Flickr as well as the default privacy settings. But most of all it just does what it says on the tin: automatically uploads my photos to Flickr. Fantastic.

You can get Flickr Uploadr for Android in the Google Play Store