Taking a wrong turn

Today I went for an afternoon out in Metz, accidentally drove straight passed it (talking too much) and ended up in the charming Pont-a-Mousson by chance. It looked like your average french small town with a central square, containing a stage, surrounded by old houses with smoke filled cafe terraces at street level. Just to emphasise the frenchness, a boy carrying baguettes in a paper bag was crossing the road... The only oddity was the number of bikers riding through town on Harleys. Turns out there was a festival of US motorvehicles in town, whilst just down the road, the town was also organising a rubber duck race in a local stream flowing into the Moselle. To top off this improvised visit we drove to have a look at the Mousson castle ruins up a hill across the river. All very lovely on a hot August day. Sometimes it's worth taking a wrong turn I guess! (just don't visit the public toilets :-) )