Carbohydrates in food

I have to watch the carbohydrates I eat, since I am Type 2 pre-diabetic, I made myself this list of foods I tend to eat by carbs per 100g. I've split them into several categories, based on the carbs per 100g:

  • extreme carbs, above 70g
  • high carbs, anything between 35g and 70g
  • medium carbs, between 15g and 35g
  • low carbs, between 5g and 15g
  • very low carbs between 1g and 5g
  • Negligible or no carbs, below 1g

My source is basically Google searches. This is a work in progress and will change as I add to this list.

Extreme (above 70g)

Sugar, Rice (uncooked)

High carbs (between 35g and 70g)

Chickpeas, Brown bread, Pasta (uncooked), White bread

Medium carbs (between 15g and 35g)

Banana, Grapes, Lentils, Kiwi, Sweetcorn

Low carbs (between 5g and 15g)

Apple, Blueberries, Cherry tomato, Grapefruit, Hummus, Strawberries

Very low carbs (between 1g and 5g)

Asparagus, Beer, Eggs, Cucumber, Tomato, Wine

Negligible carbs (below 1g)

Meat, Spirits