Introducing the ROBIN Stack

Following this idea I saw on Chris Ferdinandi's site, of defining our stacks using our name, I present you the ROBIN stack:

R πŸ‘‰ Reliable - it just works, on all devices

O πŸ‘‰ Open - no privacy or tracking concerns

B πŸ‘‰ Beneficial - hopefully!

IΒ  πŸ‘‰ Inclusive - to all people

N πŸ‘‰ Nice - just be nice

This is how I like to build my personal website. OK, it's not really a stack, more a philosophy. It's simply a bit of fun trying to define my design principes based on my name. Not that I am designer, in any sense of the word! Makes it easier to remember though. Although I probably wouldn't come up with the same five words next week.