Vaccine equality

As the richer western countries approach their ceiling of who they can vaccinate freely, they are starting to vaccinate those under 18 in a drive to increase the overall vaccination rate. This is understandable, but I wonder if a better use for those vaccines would be to ship them to poorer countries to help them in their vaccination efforts.

The effect of Covid on the young is very small. It is true we do not know the long term implications of having had covid. Long-covid is a real thing, which also affects the young. But the long term effects of the vaccine are also unknown. It is looking increasingly likely that we will need yearly booster shots. Do we really want to be vaccinating 12 year olds and jabbing them every year for the rest of their lives? This is new territory, it has never been done before.

Let's get the world's adult population vaccinated first. As we get to understand the virus better maybe we will find a single shot solution.