Dream Theatre Concert

This was a great Dream Theater concert I went to on Sunday evening at the Rockhal in Luxembourg. The fantastic opening act was Devin Townsend. It's been a long time since I went to a rock concert... too long.

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Rockhal is located next to Luxembourg university on an old steel works that is now creates a bizarre backdrop to the area.

Huge grey pipes of the steelworks overlooking a green coffee table

Futuristic heavy metal car sculpture hanging from the ceiling in the entrance hall to Rockhal.

Devin Towsend

Devin Townsend on stage with his band against a dark red backdrop with shaded fans in the foreground

The band on stage against a grey background



Dream Theatre

Dream Theatre on stage with a blue and green bakdrop and the keyboard rotated up at one end to be at heavy angle

Dream Theatre on stage again

Dream Theater on stage against a red backdrop with several yellow search lights flooding the stage