by Iain M. Banks

The fifth book in the Culture series, this one really is a space opera of grandest proportions. It contains everything including love stories, revolts, strategies planned millennia in advance and general galactic warfare between different species. Plus of course the Excession - a phenomena, so advanced even the Culture Minds can't figure it out.

As I find with many of his books, Iain M. Banks has a writing style that is at the same time quite slow going and difficult to follow, whilst also being so compelling that you continue anyway. In my case sometimes with a several weeks break. But I must be remembering something, because when I get to the end it makes sense, even I don't follow all the details. Excession is no exception.

Well worth a read. So far, I have liked all his novels. Some of them were great from start to end (such as Player of Games) others kind of drag one (such as Consider Phlebas). Still, they are all great space opera. Excession is more in the style of the latter - but well worth reading to the end.

"Cover of the book Excession"