Kopstal Circular Walk

This was a 6km walk around the wooded hills of Kopstal, which I competed during a longer lunch break. Roughly the first kilometer, whilst in the woods, was just above a busy road. So the start was a little noisy with traffic below. Eventually you got away from the busy road and most of the rest of the walk was a pleasant stroll through the woods. There was nobody on the walk, perhaps because it was just below freezing! It meant the dog got to be off leash nearly the whole time. The last kilometer or so was along a fairly busy road, which you had to cross on a couple of occasions, as well as walk right along side it for short distances. It's not much fun to be walking right next cars, lorries and buses. Overall, whilst I enjoyed the parts of the walk away from the roads, it would be great if they could find away to avoid the roads at the end.