Regensburg in the morning

On our drive back, our final stopover was in Regensburg in Germany. Usually we just get up the next day and drive off on these stopovers. This time we were closer to home than usual, so had a couple of hours to spare in the morning. Gaining an hour by crossing a time zone also helped. We decided to have a walk around the centre of Regensburg - a UNESCO world heritage site no less.

A quick look on Google showed there was free parking right in the centre - in fact in the middle of the Danube! It's one thing I like about the more European to cities and planning. Not everything has to generate a profit, pricing is often simple used as a deterrent or an opportunity cost. So whilst you would have to pay to park there during the week, on a weekend it is free. Visiting similar places in the UK earlier in the summer, parking was always paid and often quite hefty. Anyway, enough of this diversion...

So we walked across a bridge back to the other side of the Danube, getting some lovely views of the old town. Then we headed along the river a bit, which was full of flowing water unlike in Bulgaria where we had come from. There were lots of tour groups already heading into the old town from across the very orgininally named Steinerne Brücke (Stone Bridge).

The town centre has a lovely cathedral, seen here from across the Danube. Like all cathedrals across Europe in my experience, it is currently under repair and partially covered in scaffolding.

As if to prove that the Danube has indeed not dried out, a group of Kayakers came floating past as we crossed the bridge.


All in all we had a lovely couple of hours strolling round the old Regensburg town centre on a quiet Sunday morning.