Vaccine Hesitancy

A very good article on The Guardian about why there is so much vaccine hesitancy: Why don’t some people want to get the vaccine? Here’s why | Musa al-Gharbi | The Guardian.

Changing narrative

My own view is that the changing narrative on the vaccines hasn't helped. Personally I am double vaccinated and soon to be boosted with a third shot. So I do not consider myself an anti-vaxxer. However, given the points in the article and having seen the changing narrative in favour of the vaccines over time, I must admit that it's not just about crackpots. Fact is that the vaccines are not as effective, in the long-term, as hoped and that many countries are now pushing for a second booster - ie a 4th vaccine shot. I don't mind this if it is voluntary, however if it is compulsory with vaccine passports, showing proof of continuous vaccination, being required to access basic entertainment facilities such as restaurants and cinemas I think I will also get fed up.

Individual Responsibility

Whilst we are far from getting the virus under control, it does seem like we are able to cope with it far better than two years ago. Booster shots should become a part of the annual flu vaccine for those who want it. Whilst I don't for second want to belittle covid, it is clear that the real danger is for the elderly and those with other underlying conditions. I include myself in this bracket. Forcing the younger generations, in some countries those as young as 13, into continuous boosters with a product which has no long term side-effect history seems exaggerated.

Big Pharma

The other issue is Big Pharma itself. On the one hand what they have achieved is fantastic, bringing to market an apparently safe vaccine, saving possibly millions of lives. On the other hand, the history of Big Pharma is not exactly one of openness and social responsibility. Rather it is about profit above all else. Sure companies should be profitable, but not at the expense of our collective health and social systems. It is why they are generally unwilling to fund research into diseases which could be cured by a one shot vaccine. Where's the long term profit in that? Rather they like to research far more profitable long term treatments such as Cancer research. Nothing wrong with Cancer research, but it is not the only deadly condition on this planet.


So there you have my thoughts. Let those who want to boosted, be boosted. Leave those who don't in peace. Let all of us get on with our lives. And maybe enforce our at least encourage continued mask use and improved ventilation in crowded areas.