Bridel Circular Walk

This was a simple 8.3km circular walk through the woods around Bridel and Kopstal. It was a lovely warm sunny Sunday morning day for fast paced walk with Angie. The page said the route takes two hours 20 minutes, but it took me and Angie only one hour and 45 minutes, which is what I would have expected for an 8km walk.

The walk itself was really easy with only slight inclines, almost all of it in the shade, so Angie loved it. Unusually for these circular walks, there wasn't really any view or historical point of interest. There was however some interesting information on the local water systems and how rainwater gets converted into drinking water. On this image is a German poem about the process:

Der Luxemburger Sandstein, In den Klüften und Spalten wird das Grundwasser gefiltert, In der Tiefe wird das Grundwasser gespeichert, Dar Grundwasser tritt in den Quellen im Mamertal zu Tage.

In English this means:

The Luxembourg Sandstone
The ground water is filtered in the chasms and cracks
The ground water is stored in the deep
The ground water comes into the daylight in the Mamer valley