Upgrading to Eleventy 2

This morning I upgraded this site to be generated using Eleventy 2.0.1. The process was dead simple thanks to this great post by Dana Byerly about the upgrade process.

I did however encounter one strange problem with lodash. After following the first three steps and then running the build command I received errors from npm about the missing "lodash" module. So I looked in my local node_modules and the only relevant folder there was "lodash.deburr". I am not sure why, or even what the difference is between the two. Possibly this was something which worked in eleventy 1.0 but no longer in eleventy 2.0, no idea. So I ran npm install lodash and then continued with step 4 and everything was fine.

Now I need to see how to take advantage of the new features in Eleventy 2.0, starting with incremental builds during development.