After our short hike yesterday, we decided to follow the Waterfall trail in Fotinovo, about 100 minutes drive from Plovdiv.

This is a 6km hike to the waterfalls and back, as well as a steep descent to actually see the waterfalls. Most of the info I could find about the trail indicated this was an easy hike. The descent to the waterfalls and subsequent climb back up are anything but. It didn't help that we did the hike on the hottest day of the year so far. It was 33°C in Fotinovo and 40°C in Plovdiv.

The waterfalls were interesting and worth the effort, but not exceptionally so. Maybe they are more imposing in the spring.

The waterfalls seen from the bottom

The bridge at the bottom to get to the waterfalls

Another view of the waterfalls from the bottom

The river flowing into the waterfalls, which the trail follows to get to the falls

The edge of the village where the trail starts

A workshop where we got some directions at the start of the trail

The trail leading past some meadows towards the waterfalls