Kapana (Капана), Bulgarian for trap, is an area of central Plovdiv with small streets. Traditional where handicrafts people setup their workshops, it was then a bit of an artists area. For as long as I have known Plovdiv (around 20 years) it was always a bit of a rundown and underused area, from a tourist perspective. It has been completely redone in the last couple of years and turned into a great street cafe area. It's especially busy in the evenings and judging by the languages I heard, popular with the tourists. Well worth a visit.

Kapana in the late evening

Kapana in the late evening

We had a great vegan meal in a small cafe called VEGGIC.

VEGGIC restaurant serving great vegan food

Of course all progress has its downsides. This sort of gentrification also means the people who used to run art ateliers and crafts workshops here can no longer afford to do so. Thankfully though there are, in my opinion, still enough areas of central Plovdiv that need restoring that those traders will find somewhere nearby to set up shop. I hope.