by William Gibson

Over the years I'd heard a lot about this book. The author coined the term "cyberspace" and basically invented the cyberpunk genre. Back in the early 80s. So I finally decided I should read it and it made a very suitable follow up to the previous book I read.

It's a fun read. I can see why it is so popular and how it would be a genre defining book. Very timely as well, with the rise of AI over the last year or two. Although that AI is nothing compared to what is described in this story. In fact the book is a suitable reminder that what we consider as AI right now, is nothing of the sort. It's certainly not intelligent, let alone self-aware.

I finished the last quarter of the book in one evening. On putting it down and thinking about it for a while, there were more questions than answers. But the one thought which I couldn't get out of my mind, is that this was basically a blue print for The Matrix. Reading other people's thoughts on the web, I am clearly not the only one who came to this conclusion.

Apparently this book is part of a trilogoy. I guess they'll be my next two reads.

Started 03/11/2023. Finished 12/11/2023.