Goodbye to Wordpress

Today I deleted my remaining Wordpress sites and cancelled my Wordpress account. And so ends over 13 years of Wordpress hosting.

Since moving my site to Eleventy, I had kept my two remaining Wordpress sites online only because an old post about the Epson printer window on one site was still quite popular. But that post no longer got any hits in the last couple of years, so it was OK to turn off the site. That left one remaining site where I had a collected a few paintings of mine. I copied those to this site as a post called Creative Eye.


I always liked Wordpress, the internet's most successful CMS platform. It's open source nature and the philosophy of it's creator certainly appealed to me. It was easy to install when self-hosting and easy to use whether self-hosted or on And the price point was perfect: $0. Something I blogged about a while back when comparing it to JAMStack sites.

However, in recent years I did find the act of writing a post got more complex than it needed to be. The Guttenberg editor was surely a reason for this. I never quite got the hang of it, even if I could understand the idea behind it. On top of this, the sheer number of options meant it was sometimes hard to find where to do what if you didn't use the tool regularly.

So, I say goodbye to Wordpress not because it is a bad choice of CMS, but because I found a setup more suitable for my needs.