The work archives

Today I did some physical archiving, as opposed to the virtual archiving I do here.

Colleagues of mine had spent the last few weeks disappearing into our archives, to clear them out ahead of our move to a new building.

Well it turns out most of them can be binned, so I spent Wednesday afternoon helping them finish off the process of sorting them into paper for recycling, CDs, plastic for the main rubbish and piles and piles of folders presumably for shipping into the past for reuse in a time when they were useful. All our archives have now been digital for years.

So it was really a case of chucking stuff out rather than archiving, but it felt good and I felt productive once I saw the boxes we filled! πŸ˜€

It was also interesting to see colleagues' names on the project folders from 15 years ago. I now feel slightly less frustrated when I have to ask them for the third time how to do things. I've only been in the unit 4 years!