Reasons for Backpacking

He is able who thinks he is able.

Why go backpacking?

There are many reasons for taking a few months off. Some people are trying to escape from their daily routine at home, trying to get away from it all, as the saying goes. Others have just finished School or University and have a mentality of "now or never" as far as travelling for longer periods of time is concerned. Some look upon it as an adventure, wanting find out more about the world, experiencing new countries and cultures. Many people hope to learn about themselves, looking for a new direction to life. It doesn't really matter why you travel, just make sure you enjoy it and that you get what you want out of it.

Why did I go?

I had just finished University, but hadn't decided yet on exactly what I want to do. I first thought about taking a few months off in my second year of University. Most of my friends went Inter-Railing through Europe about that time, but I had to do 2 ten week industrial placements for my Degree. So I didn't get much time off. Instead I decided to save the money I was earning then and hoped it would be enough to get me round the world. It was the probably the best decision I have ever taken and I have not once regretted it.

What did I gain from it?

Well if nothing else I have seen and experienced countries and cultures I never thought I would. But I have gained far more than that. I now know I will always be able to put on a backpack and do it all again, without being afraid or worried about what might happen. Of course, I am still a little nervous when going to new places, but that's part of the fun. Most of all though, I have seen some beautiful places, met some wonderful people and have made some amazing experiences.