Round the world trip

In October 1997 I embarked on a 7 months "Round-The-World" trip.   A lot of my initial preparation (and motivation) was done using the Internet, so I have decided to give back to the online community a little bit of what I experienced whilst away.  And hopefully entice others to do the same.

If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up someplace else.
Yogi Bera

This topic is divided into the 5 sections below.

Topics What you will find in this section
Reasons Why bother?  Why leave behind the comfort of your own home and take off.  Why swap a 2 piece ward drobe for a titchy bag?  Here's why.
Preparation What vaccinations are needed?  Is it safe and how much does it cost?  In my experience preparation is a mental thing.  Leave with an open frame of mind, think positive and your trip will be all the more enjoyable.
Packing What to take and what not to.  Do I take a gameboy for those long bus rides or do I try to catch up on those literature lessons I missed at school?  Try not to overpack, but after seeing skateboards strapped to the back of backpacks I've finally understood Einstein. Everything is relative!
My Trip Take the guided tour.  The best of my photos combined with my thoughts on returning and some info on the countries I visited make this a must see tour.  Well I would say that wouldn't I!!!
My Diary Warts 'n all.  These are my uncensored comments made whilst travelling.

I hope you enjoy browsing these pages as much as I did preparing them.  Any comments, questions or just want to get in touch?  Simply contact me.  And when you're done reading, how about packing your bags yourself and sending me an email from some far out place.