Botch job

Does this sound familiar?

'As for repair', he said, 'well, I don't know about repair. Rebuild, maybe. Of course, it's hard to get the bristles these days even if you can find people to do the proper binding, and the spells need...'
'I don't want it rebuilt, I just want it to work properly,' said Granny.
'It's an early model, you see', the dwarf plugged on. 'Very tricky, those early models. You can't get the wood...'
He was picked up bodily until his eyes were level with Granny's. Dwarves, being magical in themselves, as it were, are quite resistant to magic but her expression looked as though she was trying to weld his eyeballs to the back of his skull.
'Just repair it,' she hissed. 'Please?'
'What, make a bodge job?' said the dwarf, his pipe clattering to the floor.
'Patch it up, you mean? Betray my training by doing a half job?'
'Yes,' said Granny. Her pupils were two little black holes.
'Oh,' said the dwarf. 'Right, then.'

Equal Rites, Terry Pratchett

You're certainly not the first to do (or request!) a botch job and nor will you be the last...