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This site is hand crafted using plain old HTML and CSS. The content is written using markdown and generated using eleventy. The type is set in Mono Sans from GitHub.

There is also an RSS feed containing my most recent posts.

I try to follow the ideals of the IndieWeb. The main aim being that your content belongs to you and that you are in control of it. As their site states:

The IndieWeb is a people-focused alternative to the “corporate web”.

For those who are interested, I have written a more detailed history of this site.


This site collects no personal information, has no stats or analytics, stores no cookies and uses almost no JavaScript. Therefore there are no annoying data privacy popups or design gimmicks that get in the way of the content. It's plain text, largely black on white.

Whilst the site does not use cookies, it uses the "local storage" of the browser to store the theme chosen by the user. But it only does this if the user changes the theme, otherwise no local storage is used. I am not convinced this requires a cookie warning, so I didn't add one! You can validate this site's privacy using the Blacklight tool from The Markup. They find no privacy issues.

Whilst the site will work perfectly without JavaScript, I had to use JavaScript first to implement theming, then to add Progressive Web App (PWA) functionality. Although I have since removed the PWA functionality as there is not much point in it for a simple blog.

This site on the web

The site appears in the Indieweb webring and has also been subitted to these small scale search engines or blogrolls.


An assortment of webby badges for this site.

Viewable With Any Browser This site will work in any browser that implements the HTML standard properly.

IndieWeb This site is an IndieWeb site, which means that I am in full control of the content, design and hosting of the site.

IndieWebified This site is a Level 2 IndieWeb site.

microformats This site uses microformats to markup the content and other data in the source code of the site.

Valid HTML5 Valid CSS3 This site uses HTML5 and CCS3.


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