Completed Couch To 5K

9 weeks ago I started on the Couch To 5K (C25K) running program. Today I completed it.

C25K is a really good program to start running if you've not done so for many years, ie since school. It starts you off very gently with 60 second runs followed by 90 seconds walking. There are 3 runs in each week and each week you end up running more and walking less. By the final run in week 9 you should be able to run 5K or for 30 minutes or, ideally, to complete 5K in 30 minutes. Well, today, on my final run, I did just that: 5K in 30 minutes. Very tiring, but also very satisfying.

If you want to find out more about C25K, just Google it there's a ton of sites about this. I found out about it on the NHS site. But I used the Cool Running site to track the runs I was supposed to be running s it has s a clear table of the weeks and the runs. There's also plenty of music podcasts that help you track when to start/stop running. The one I used was from Running Into Shape. Annoyingly my iPod got stolen round about week 5, so I've managed without music since then. I thought this would be boring, but in fact running without music is a great way to clear the mind.

Wondering how to get started: Just Do It! and I am not just saying that because I run in 5 year old cheapo' Nike trainers.