Having moved my site from Wordpress to Eleventy hosted on Netlify, I was looking for a better editing experience than the one provided by writing my posts in a text editor or even in GitHub itself. I've settled on Forestry for now.

My aim when I moved from Wordpress to a static site generator was to recreate the ease of writing in Wordpress, but using a static site. It's a challenge, because the other aim is that it must all be free, just like But I am getting there.

Before deciding on Forestry, I tried out a number of other well known systems:

All of these tools seemed highly professional and worth every cent, but just not what I was looking for at the moment. Generally they were too complex for me, all I really wanted was to edit posts and save them directly to my GitHub repo so they could be built by Netlify.

So this is my first post done through Forestry. Let's see what comes out on the other side.