Plovdiv in May

After almost a year away due to the ongoing pandemic, we finally returned to Plovdiv for a week in May. The city was as lovely as usual, especially in the central old town area. Here are some photos of the city from the trip.


The word Kapana means "trap" in Bulgarian. This is a beautifully restored quarter of small winding streets in which it is easy to get lost - or trapped. Only a few years ago this area was dirty and run down. It has now been restored and largely pedestrianised, full of little shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs.

Small lane with cafes and colourful umbrellas overhead providing shade.

Dzhumaya Mosque

This 14th century mosque is one of the largest on the Balkans. It's justaxposition looking over the ruins of the ancient roman Philipopolis stadium is exceptional. There is also a great Turkish cafe on its northern side.

Dzhumaya Mosque

The old town

The old town of the city, built on the Nebet Tepe hill is a lovely place to stroll around and to escape the noise of the city below.

Revival period houses in the old town

On top of the hill is also situated is the old roman amphitheatre with fantastic views over the city and onto the Rhodope mountains in the distance.

Roman amphitheatre with the Rhodope mountains in the distance

The amphitheatre is still in use and regularly hosts all sorts of music concerts in the summer months.

The stage of the ancient roman amphitheatre

There is plenty more to see in Plovdiv. Best visited in Spring or early Summer to avoid the heat. Alternatively, visit in September when the city usual puts on a number of festivals after the hot July and August months. :-)