So I had a delivery sent to my parents' address. When the delivery driver arrived at the bottom of their block of flats he couldn't find the correct bell to ring. So he gave me a ring. I answered him and started getting frustrated because I did not understand how he could not see their name. Anyway I told him I'd phone my parents and get them to come down. By the time I got hold of them my dad was already on the way down to pick up the delivery. Later on my parents let me know that I'd got the number of the apartment block wrong, so I was giving the guy a hard time whilst he was in the wrong entrance, which was of course my fault.

So where's the Karma? Well, as I took the phone out of my pocket to answer the call from the delivery driver, I'd dropped it and cracked the screen! Had I given the correct number on the address, the delivery driver would never have called me and my screen would still be intact.πŸ˜ƒ