Vaccine Hesitancy

Across the developed world, it seems there is a small but significant percentage of the population refusing to get vaccinated, even if it means losing their job. The exact percentages aren't important, generally it's between about 10 and 25% of the local population. There is a lot of finger pointing and anger at this. Personally I am vaccinated and think everyone should be. Not because it is good for me or anyone in particular, but for the common good. It's statistical fact that covid patients in hospitals across the developed world are mainly unvaccinated patients.

There is also quite some anger on both sides of the vaccine debate. However one question not being addressed is why a significant portion of the population no longer trusts its leaders. Rather they believe what their friends or their social media streams tell them. It is clear that ultimately the politicians only have themselves to blame for this situation. It's probably been a generation since most countries had anything resembling trustworthy politicians, if they ever did.

When politicians ignore the rules they create, when policies are for sale to the highest bidders, when contracts go to friends of those in parliament, when minorities are routinely incorrectly blamed and scapegoated, we should not be surprised that especially minorities and the vulnerable and exploited no longer listen.