Lorentzweiler circular walk

A lovely late afternoon 9km walk around our local area in Lorentzweiler on New Year's Eve. The setting sun made this walk even more wonderful than expected. We knew the route well enough, except for the first third which was new to us and goes to show it is worth exploring your local area as a tourist from time to time!

The first part up to Blaschette is quite steep on an uneven path, the rest of the walk is straightforward and leads past a local cave known as Fautelfiels, which has wonderful look out over the Alzette valley. The route does miss the neolithic village just next to Blaschette, so keep an eye out for that on your walk. It's not a real neolithic village. Rather it was built for educational purposes, but it makes a nice place to rest if needed. The walk took us about two and a half hours.

The sunset from Fautelfiels:

The sun setting over the green valley of the Alzette

The path down from Fautelfiels:

Steps leading down a steep path into the red woods in the gleaming sunset

The church in Blaschette:

The route:

The map of the route in the walking guide