The value of accessibility

Jeremy Keith recently blogged about the great usability of the UKs Covid vaccination online booking process. Having recently renewed my UK passport online I can only second this. The UKs test and trace system perhaps wasn't world beating. But their Government Digital Service most defintely is!

I can only look on with envy from the other side of the chanel. My UK passport application was completed fully online using my mobile browser in about 20 minutes. This includes the obligatory mugshot taken using my mobile phone. All perfectly clear, user friendly and straightforward. My Belgian passport application on the otherhand involves a small print paper form to be mailed to the Belgian embassy.

How to put a value on that? My Belgian passport cost me 75 Euros all included. My UK passport cost double that. The UK application process could be completed almost entirely on my phone (supporting documents had to be sent by post). The Belgian process involves a trip to the embassy for finger printing and having your photo taken.