A week in Cornwall - Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle

On our last day in Cornwall we went to visit Tintagel Castle in the morning. Apparently this the place where the legend of King Arthur was created and has a lovely statue, not of King Arthur, but inspired by his legend, to prove it.

It's a nice day out. A lovely walk through the ruins of the castle, with a bridge to get to the island now separated from the mainland due to the cliffs being worn away by the sea. The bridge itself is quite an interesting cantilever design where the two parts don't quite meet in the middle, leaving a 40mm gap, apparently representing the transition from the mainland to the island.

All in all, this is a lovely walk for a couple of hours through the local history of the castle with lovely views of the sea and coastline.

Cantilever bridge spanning from the mainland to the island at Tintagel Castle

Looking down into the sea through the 40mm gap in the cantilever bridge

Looking at the ruins of Tintagel Castle with Camelot Castle in the background

The cove below Tintagel castle was once a flourishing trade spot, receiving the goods from boats across Europe.

Looking down at the small cove below Tintagel castle

This statue is merely "inspired" by the legend of King Arthur.

Iron statue of a knight, some of it missing, to make it look as if it is disappearing into the air.

This is the post office of Tintagel village, a stone cottage from the 14h century.