Walferdange Circular Walk

An interesting 10km walk which starts off walking along a roman well system bringing water to the old roman villa below, who's remains you see after about 2km. This first part of the walk is flat and then it's downhill. Which means that the following two to three kilometres are uphill, and quite steep at times!

It's a good boxing day activity to walk off the turkey and trimmings from the day before! And the dog enjoyed it. Even she was tired by the end.

Angie, all eager at the start.
White golden retriever waiting on an winter path

Trees near the start of the walk.
Trees in the background, with moss covering the ground in the middle of the photo

Roman well system, following the underground stream that brough water to the roman villa at the bottom.
Round green metal structures covering an old well system allong path

The ruins of the roman villa.
Looking over the outline of a Roman villa clearly showing the layout of the rooms and paths.

Looking down on the Alzette valley.
Looking out over the back of a bench, through some trees to the valley beyond

The route.
Map of the route

This photo, from 26th November 1910 seems to be a trail that you can follow, which forms a part of the circular walk. I don't know the reason or the history behind the girls. Are they sisters? It reminded me of the two girls in The Shining, so I am glad it was still light when I did the walk!
Black and white photo of six girls dressed in white dresses, in descending order of height from left to right

After doing some further research these are in fact six princesses (in french) and if you follow the route you can learn all about them... That's for another time.