Fixing blinds

So today I fixed the third set of blinds in the top floor rooms since moving in five years ago. One room to go and then we should be good for a couple of decades!

However, each time I fix them, I seem to take longer and longer to get the logic right so that the blinds are up when the strap is down and rolled around the spring at the bottom. So here are the steps I did this time, for my own future reference

  1. Thread the strap through the little roller thingy as well as the slit on the right hand side.
  2. Manually roll the blinds so they are all the way up. This is quite tough when they are fully down as you have to lift the weight of the entire blinds.
  3. Get a little helper to hold the blinds in place, whilst you thread the strap through the wheel on the right hand side and fix it in place by tying a knot at the end.
  4. Let the blinds down, the strap should wind itself around the wheel.
  5. Tug on the strap to make sure the blinds go up as you pull the strap down.
  6. Undo the box with the spring at the bottom and wind it up so the spring is tight.
  7. Hold everything roughly at the height where the box is attached to the wall.
  8. Making sure the strap isn't twisted anywhere along its length, attach the strap on the little knob (cut a slit in the strap for this).
  9. Put the spring mechanism back in the box and screw the box to the wall.
  10. Job done, have a beer! 🍺

And here's a picture of the blinds half up, to prove that they now work.

Blinds half way down the window at night, with reflections of the room in the window