Ski pistes in climate change

We were up in Pamporovo recently, staying at the lovely Villa Malina. I don't ski, so I've never really seen ski pistes in the winter. There was no snow at all in the surrounding mountains. Yet a piste was there, created with artificial snow and being used by a lot of skiers. I know know how they market these things.

The marketing blurb

White ski piste cutting through the forest in the hills

Looking on to the back of Skiers just before they go over the edge of the ski slope

The reality

View over the mountains with no snow except for the white ski pistes

View of the radio tower at Snejanka, with blue sky background and brown fields in the foreground, except for the ski piste

View over the snowless mountains from the top of the tower. In the far distance there are snow topped mountains

Villa Malina

The moutain chalets at night lit up by lights on their terrace

A set of mountain chalets overlooked by tall pine trees behind them and dry grass in the foreground