A week in Cornwall - Trevose and Port Isaac

Trevose Cottage

After visiting Bristol for the day, we headed on to Cornwall and arrived at our cottage, Trevose, around 5pm. The view from the back yard was wonderful.

View of the see in the distance with a picnic bench in the foreground in the late afternoon sun

The Sunset a few hours later was equally lovely.

Sunsetting into the sea with a house on a hill just before the sea and fields in the foreground

Port Isaac

The next day we walked along the footpaths to Port Isaac. One of the beauties of the English countryside is right to roam. This means the farmers have to provide a path through their field, if their field is "in the way". We walked through beautiful fields of wheat, sheep grazing and curious cows.

Footpath through a golden field of wheat

Cows peering at us across the stonewall

Port Isaac itself was a lovely little fishing village nestled in a bay surrounded by hills and cliffs.

Looking down on the bay at Port Isaac from the footpath