Sites I have helped produce

This is a quick overview of all the sites I have produced over time. (As you can see I no longer build sites!)






2009 saw me spend most of my time on a non-public application for the Rhodes House in Oxford. Hence the somewhat limited number of sites launched that year.






In early 2004 I joined Minervation and from that moment onwards I have been involved in a steady stream of mainly charity and health care based websites. They are all documented here.

Most sites launched in 2004 were still running out of MS Access and were copy, paste, search and replace jobs. Obviously this was not scalable so we started work on our own in-house CMS which would, eventually, power all new websites up to 2011.

There are a number of sites that I maintain at Minervation that predate me working at there. So whilst I have not been involved in the initial development of these sites, I do maintain them, although they largely "run themselves". These were (Links have been removed, as they no longer work):

  • Global Network
  • WHO Guide to Mental and Neurological Health in Primary Care
  • Mental Health Primary Care in Prison
  • Cancer Specialist Library and its eCommunity
  • Evidence-Based On-Call


Web based investment banking applications

I spent three years developing large n-tier web based applications whilst working for Dealogic. No other links, as this is all internal client work.


My Homepage

After becoming more interested in web standards and registering my own domain name, I recreated my geocities site as an indepedently hosted site with it's own domain name. I added lots more travel content, but the old content remained the same. Standards wise it's not something I am proud of, but not bad for 2001.


Web Based Astronaut Training Database
European Astronaut Centre

In my very first job after University, at Vega GmbH in Darmstadt, Germany, I worked on an astronaut training database for the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne. This was a browser based application that was used to train astronauts how to use various instruments that they would be using on the International Space Station. It was great fun, included lots media, videos and interactivity and was quite an advanced web application for the late 90s.


Personal Geocities Site.

Now defunct frames based web site about my interests: Football and Formula One. No standards awareness whatsoever, but it did include a short lived attempt at what we now call blogging. Remnants of which can be found at the above URL.